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The origins of Chocolate OG are unknown, with some speculating it was produced by crossing Chocolate Rain and the True OG strain. The developers of this strain are anonymous, although it seems to have spread out of Colorado. THC and CBD levels are unconfirmed. While somewhat imprecise, it is clear that THC levels are very high indeed – up to 26%. Therefore, it can be stated is that Chocolate OG is an extremely potent strain that is ideal for experienced users of marijuana. For those interested in this intriguing strain, it can be found in many cannabis stores and online dispensaries.

The appearance of Chocolate OG is typical of indica strains with large flowers that resemble pinecones and dense buds composed of tightly-coiled, dark green leaves. Pistils are a dark chocolate brown and there is an even covering of white, sticky trichomes.

The strain’s OG lineage is evident in its skunky odour and taste. But Chocolate OG is characterized by a unique cocoa scent, although very often the most dominant smell is of a pungent cheese. When exhaled the smoke has a pleasant coffee flavor.

As a very dominant indica strain, the high from Chocolate OG is slow acting. When it finally arrives it produces a powerful body high and cerebral effects. These can be so strong that some users may feel distinct psychedelic sensations. The main effects will be felt in the body with limbs becoming increasingly heavy. There is also a good chance that eyelids will also start to fall. For these reasons, it is certainly best to consume Chocolate OG later in the evening.

The heavy effects of Chocolate OG can have medical benefits which is also part of our Budget Buds line-up. It can reduce severe pain and limit inflammation. Chocolate OG may also be used to treat conditions such as insomnia and a lack of appetite.

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Another Great Indica News to Share with Your Friends: Dispensary News Restocks the Chocolate OG

Online Dispensary Canada, created crossing the Grand Daddy Purps strain with the classic Emerald OG X, the Chocolate Mint OG is an unmatchable Indica. This dominant Indica celebrity boasts of an extraordinary delicious flavor that is precisely the same as the name suggests, Chocolate, but with some coffee inferences. The aroma also has some rich pine inference to back these first two essences. Almost as immediately you exhale after your first puff, you feel an insane lift moment that infuses you with a sense of pure ecstasy and deep psychological relief. As your mind adapts to this feeling, then you whole body dives into ease and feels entirely pain-free. The effects of this strain depend on the dosage taken and this therefore, means that a user must be cautious if they intend to do things after smoking.

This strain is also referred to as a celebrity Indica for its very high THC averages (27-28%). Because of this, the drug is used in the treatment of depression, migraines, fatigue, and inflammation. The buds have fluffy popcorn-shaped olive green nugs, purplish undertones, bright yellow-green hairs, and a coating of bright frosty white crystal trichomes. A deeper whiff, of the strain however, might result in the feel of an almost cheesy tang. If one breaks apart or grinds up the buds, they release some spicy and hashy notes.

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